Minepharma.com is committed to protecting and securing the information of our users/views from unreliable sources. We safeguard the privacy of our customers by securing their personal data while using our goods and services. 

The data that we collect during your visits to our website is processed according to the legal terms of the country. Hereby, we will inform you how we collect, use, maintain and protect your data on our site. If you do not agree to our terms, we will request you to leave the page right now. 

Collection of Personal Data:

We may ask our visitors for the following information – name, address, zip code, email address, and IP Address. All such data is stored on our site only when you fill in the details. More so, we collect such information when you interact with the site and indulge in our goods and services. 

In addition, we may use third-party services to assist with some of the critical features of our site. Furthermore, while you stay on our website and use some tasks, our service providers will receive your information on our behalf. However, they will not be allowed to use that information for any other purpose. 

Usage of the Personal Data: 

The usage of your personal information depends on what grounds we are working on in the present scenario. Also, we would like you to note that whatever we do, it’s as per the law of this country. Likewise, the reason for which we’ll be taking to use your data will be as follows –

  • To deliver our goods and services 
  • To post promotions and discounts running currently 
  • For legal duty towards the law and enforcement of the country 

Apart from these, we may also be using your data to provide our best services within time. In general, if we do not collect your name and address details, how would we be able to deliver the goods on time? It may include the following –

  • To respond to your mails 
  • Provide our services and solve customer queries 
  • To communicate about the upcoming delivery 
  • For sending promotional mails and messages 
  • Inform you about new enhancements and features 
  • To track any illegal activity 
  • To know the status of delivery 


Like many other websites, we store cookies from the user’s device to collect information. Likewise, it helps us to know about your choice/preferences so that we can assist you accordingly. Moreover, the use of cookies is to enhance the user’s visit while securing other aspects of their browser and network. 

Retention of Data:

When we retain the personal information of our visitors, it is not for a longer period of time. Therefore, it is only there in our database for a certain time unless we have a legitimate business going on. You can say that it’s require for the following reasons –

  • Provide you with the services on time 
  • Enable your involvement in the current event 
  • Comply you with applicable legal services 
  • For accounting tax and other requirements 

In case the personal information of the user is not there, we will instruct the database to remove it. Also, if the user’s personal information is of no use, we’ll surely not be likeable in storing it any longer on the website.  

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